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The Guide Every World Language Teacher Needs

Remote learning, curriculum, activities, actively anti-racist teaching, and a roadmap to get you there. 20+ pages of tools and resources!

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    “OMG it looks amazing, I love it!! Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for this!...Thanks again Devon, it was fun working with you and I will definitely be shopping in your TPT store again!”

    Michelle Metcalfe

    Spanish teacher

    What you get:

    This is the guide I wish I had when I started teaching world language. You get over 20 pages of resources to help you prioritize, a 101-style breakdown of the most important principles of language, a reflection guide you can actually use, and a roadmap to follow for becoming the most effective teacher at your school. Plus more!


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    What is it all about?

    You've had the hardest semester of your life. You've had to ask tough questions about how your class can work in this modern teaching landscape. How can I teach a language through distance learning? How am I ever going to have time for myself again? Is it even smart to teach for proficiency in this climate? I want to make social justice a part of my classroom...but where do I start?